Frequently Asked Questions

How far back can you get my records?

If your records exist, we’ll track them down. That said, doctors are only legally required to keep records for 7 years in some states and we generally don’t see them go much farther back than 10. By 15 years, its very rare that records still exist.

How long will it take you to get my records?

When you first sign up, it generally takes 2-3 weeks by default for us to get all of your records and process them into your timeline. If you have an urgent deadline like an upcoming doctor’s appointment or a surgery scheduled, let us know during the registration process and we will push your doctors to get things more quickly, often within a week.

Can you get psychiatric records?

Psychiatric records are harder to get than other records. Patients don’t have the same rights to access their psychiatric records as they have with other records. It’s not impossible, but its also not guaranteed and often we’ll get summarized notes rather than your complete file.

My doctor charges me fees to get copies of my records - will you pass those on to me?

Nope. We’ll take care of any fees that come up.

Can you get immunization records?

Immunization records are just like other records, but they do tend to be kept for a little longer. We can almost always get them if they were done less than 10 years ago and they are often kept up to 15. Beyond that it becomes more difficult.

Will you keep my records up to date? How will you know if I have new records?

We’ll stay on top of contacting your doctor to get new records. As your care coordinator, often doctors will send us records automatically after your appointment. Otherwise, we use your doctor’s recommendation on when you should return for your next visit, combined with information on how frequently you’ve had past appointments.

Can I share records with family and doctors?

Yes. Through our app you can authorize access to any doctors or family members.

How will my doctor know its ok to give you records?

Once you’ve given us your doctors’ names, we’ll send you a HIPAA authorization form which you can e-sign directly from your email. This authorizes us to act on your behalf in requesting your medical records.

I’ve already collected some of my medical records. Can I send them to you?

Absolutely! We can accept records via mail, email, fax, CD, Dropbox, and Box. After signing up, send us a quick email and we’ll help with the details.

What happens if I end my subscription? Can I take my records with me?

Once we get your records, the documents are yours to take with you, although you won’t have access to them through our interface anymore.

What if I can’t remember the names of all of my doctors?

No problem. When you register, just tell us whatever you can remember. A doctor’s name and practice name together are ideal, but we can usually also work with just the hosptial name and department (eg a neurologist at Mt. Sinai). We also often find references to your other doctors in your records and identify them that way.

What about vision and dental records?

We don’t get records from your dental cleanings or regular visits to the optometrist, but we do get records from medical events like reports and notes from procedures or operations.