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PicnicHealth unites clinical expertise, deep patient connections, and cutting-edge technology to empower health and enrich lives.

Real patients, real stories

“PicnicHealth has made it easy for me to contribute to MS research by doing all of the hard and challenging work for me. The only thing I have to do to be a part of this research is go to my doctor appointments, PicnicHealth takes care of the rest.”
Lisa Marie
PicnicHealth Participant
“PicnicHealth gives me easy access to documentation from my doctors that I normally would have to call, ask for, and wait on. I love having my records at my fingertips without having to go through barriers... I cannot thank PicnicHealth enough for making that easier!”
Erin Fortin
PicnicHealth Participant
“I signed up for PicnicHealth to be one of the first individuals whose health information is used to find an effective treatment or cure for another disease or disorder! This is easy and has tremendous potential to do unfathomable good for others.”
Phillip Hardt
PicnicHealth Participant
“Having access to Steve's medical records when he was in the hospital recently allowed me to advocate for him with facts. This allowed decisions to be made immediately, with knowledge of his history, so we were all certain he was getting the best care available.”
Mary Daniel
PicnicHealth Participant
“PicnicHealth is Heaven on earth! Having all my mom’s medical records in one place at the click of a button is a caregiver’s Godsend.”
Ty Lewis
PicnicHealth Participant

How PicnicHealth Works

Step 1

Getting started is simple and secure

To access your medical records in minutes, answer a few questions about yourself, let us know who your doctors are, and read through our privacy information. We know your medical records contain your most private information, so it's entirely up to you if and when you want to give access to anyone else.

Step 2

In minutes, view your entire health history

Get connected with all of your medical records in one, easy-to-use dashboard. Every time you interact with your care team, your PicnicHealth account is updated with your new medical records.

Step 3

Partner with us to participate in research

Join hands with us by sharing your anonymized medical records with researchers and providing details of your experiences through quick surveys posted to your PicnicHealth account.

Step 1

Study Design and Setup

Work with research partners to design studies around their goals, including assessing if RWD is the right approach for your research question and determining data modalities and data elements of interest, recruitment strategy, and vendor  involvement for any intentionally collected data.

Step 2

Recruitment and Enrollment

Recruit patients across the U.S. beyond traditional site boundaries through 40+ channel partners. Patients sign up, are screened, and consent in a 5 minute onboarding process, all facilitated by PicnicHeath, without reliance on any sites.

Step 3

Data Collection and Curation

Collect 5+ years of retrospective data, and continue collecting prospective data across all sites independent of changes to providers, insurers, or health systems. Capture primary data through PROs and virtual site capabilities (eCOA, mobile phlebotomy, etc).

Step 4

Analysis and Dissemination

Abstract clinically relevant data from unstructured documents with robust quality management processes and data provenance. Depending on partners’ needs, data is analyzed in preparation for submission for publication or for regulatory use.