You could make a difference and drive research for the next propionic acidemia breakthrough.

Your child's medical records can help change what we know about propionic acidemia (PA).

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Study Eligibility: You can enroll in this study if your child has been diagnosed with propionic acidemia (PA), is between 1 - 6 years old, and has received medical care in the U.S. in their lifetime.

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Your Privacy: When you sign up for PicnicHealth, we protect your information. The information that could identify you in your medical records will never be shared, and only de-identified data will be shared with researchers. We’ll never share or sell your information. Read more about how we protect your privacy below.

About the research study

Moderna and PicnicHealth are working together to advance propionic acidemia (PA) research. The goal is to better understand how propionic acidemia (PA) appears in the real world. With your consent, PicnicHealth will collect your medical records and partner with Moderna who will use your de-identified data to better understand propionic acidemia (PA).

  • Inform development for future treatments

  • Understand frequency and severity of clinical events

  • Identify propionic acidemia (PA) and its signs and symptoms

How it works

If your child has been diagnosed with Propionic Acidemia (PA) and has received care in the US, your child is eligible to participate in this research. It takes just a few minutes to sign up.

We appreciate and value your time contributing to this research. Please know that you can opt out at any time by emailing


Gather health history

Once we’ve received your permission to collect your medical records, we contact your care providers to collect your health history—imaging files, test results, and doctors' notes.


De-identify your data

Our rigorous multi-step process wipes clean all identifying information. See our Privacy Pledge.


Compile for research

We combine your anonymous health data with others to create an invaluable dataset—only for researchers.


Receive the benefits

You’ll get a digital copy of your  medical records and updates on how your involvement in this research study is making a difference for patients.

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PicnicHealth believes that everyone should live longer and healthier lives. We can accelerate medical innovation by making real-world health insights accessible to researchers.

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Empower change

We enable everyone to be a part of new medical discoveries by providing the tools and technology to collect and deliver health insights.

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Respect privacy

All health records are processed by our military grade encryption and stored on our secured system. See more information below.

Practice responsibly

We are HIPAA compliant andhe Institutional Review Board also regularly reviews our practice.

"Clinical trials remain the cornerstone of medical research - they prove cause and effect in a controlled setting. Where they struggle is showing how new treatments work on large numbers of real patients, like you, out in the real world. PicnicHealth offers a new way for you, the patient, to share your de-identified data to help researchers understand how your disease and treatments impact your daily life. This is how we ensure your voice is heard and drive new innovation at scale."
Dan Drozd MD, MSc
Chief Medical Officer, PicnicHealth

We pledge to protect your privacy.
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Being transparent about our data practices is important to us. We want you to completely understand how we use your information.

What we collect and how we get it.

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