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Enabling breakthrough research.

Want to be part of something bigger? PicnicHealth partners with some of the world’s leading researchers to develop breakthroughs in medicine.

By opting in to contribute de-identified medical data to research, you can join forces with thousands of others who are helping advance science. Because the more we know as a medical community, the more opportunity we have for discoveries that can change health for you, your loved ones, and people around the world.

Your medical records.
Now in your hands.

Medical Records

Paperwork is out

Flip through your complete records with the tap of a button.


A chronology of care

Keep organized with a timeline of your entire health history.

You're in control

You are in control

Review and share—on your own terms.

Get a complete view of what matters most.

PicnicHealth collects, digitizes, and encrypts all your medical records—then arranges everything in one intuitive timeline. No need to worry about a note from your doctor or the results from a lab. It’s all there for easy reference, right when you need it.

Office Visit notes

Access original notes
and reports

From doctor’s reports and imaging to notes from consults and office visits, your records are always ready for your review.

An year wise graphical representation

Spot trends in your medical records

View lab results with an easy-to-use graph. Better understand how your tests have changed over time, even across different doctors.

An x-ray image

See what the doctor sees

Thanks to a DICOM image viewer, you can view your X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans—right from your browser.

Calendar sync icon

Always up to date

New visits? Switched doctors? Let us know. Our team will make sure your timeline is always up to date.

Keep doctors and loved ones in the loop

Securely share your comprehensive medical history with doctors and loved ones, for better communication and care.

View our sample timeline to get an idea of what your PicnicHealth timeline may look like.

How it all works

Sign up in minutes

Enter your doctor info, e-sign an authorization form, and we’ll take it from there.

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We do the work

We’ll handle all the phone calls and faxes to retrieve your records.

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A timeline illustration icon

Receive your timeline

No paperwork, no messy files. Just an entire digitized history of your health.

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"Dealing with sickle cell has been a lifelong rollercoaster. The thought of my voice being heard in the world of medicine is really what motivated me to join this study. Not only to advocate for myself but others, and knowing the advocacy put forth will have both a powerful and positive impact.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant
“I’m excited to contribute my medical history to your research team to better understand this challenging disease. Not only will your research improve others’ journeys, it allows me and my doctors complete visibility of my entire medical history in one electronic file.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant
Our Partners
"Tracking down medical records from different offices across many years has always been a burden to both patients and providers, and a lack of records has led to wasted repetition of tests and omissions. This service is indispensable and a true game-changer for me and my patients!"
Dr. Robert Kang Shin
MD, Professor of Neurology, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital

Your private info stays private

Health should never come at the expense of privacy. Your records are encrypted, protected, and under your control. You decide what you want to share.


HIPAA compliant

The highest standards of privacy set by law.

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End-to-end encryption

The same technology banks use to keep your information secure.

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Under your control

We’ll never share your information without explicit permission.

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If in doubt, reach out

Questions about our privacy practices? We’re always here to help.

Take charge of your health.

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