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For us, it’s personal

When CEO and co-founder Noga Leviner was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, she assumed her doctors would keep a complete, updated file of her medical records and keep each other up to date on her condition. Nope. Instead of focusing on her health, Noga had to fill out request forms, wait in lines, and make dozens of calls to finally get her records.

In January 2014, Noga co-founded PicnicHealth to fix this broken system and help patients take complete ownership of their health.

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Noga Leviner

Co-founder & CEO

Troy Astorino

Co-founder & CTO

Luna Federici


Dan Drozd

Chief Medical Officer

Deepak Bhandarkar

Head of Finance

Shannah Metz

Head of People

Andrew Larsen

VP Partnerships

Steve Tarsa

Director of Engineering

Katie Knapp

Product Lead

Afton Link

Operations Manager

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