Careers at PicnicHealth

We’re a a mix of doctors, patients, data nerds, engineers, and builders with one common goal: to make medical data live up to its potential to change the future of health.

Hear from our team
"The talented yet humble people at Picnic are what sold me on the company. I am regularly challenged to think about uncharted problems to make our product stronger, faster, and safer. But, more importantly, Picnic cares about building great teams with consistent values so that we always do right by patients.”
PicnicHealth Global Operations Manager
“It's energizing to work for a company that is disrupting healthcare. I feel good knowing that our approach serves the best interest of both patients and our life sciences customers. Helping grow a young company brings fun and interesting challenges, and the impact we’re making is extremely rewarding!”
PicnicHealth Life Sciences Partnerships Lead
Hear from our team
"What I like most about working at PicnicHealth is that we are making a positive impact by empowering patients with access to their medical records and at the same time providing real world data to researchers. As a data scientist, I’m thrilled about the opportunity to tackle interesting technical challenges."
PicnicHealth Data Scientist
Hear from our team
"At Picnic, I get to work with other amazing engineers to build programs that actually help patients when they need it most. It’s incredibly fulfilling to get feedback from patients about the ways our product improves their care. We’re growing very quickly, and I am excited to be a part of it all."
PicnicHealth Software Engineer

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Why PicnicHealth?

Real problems.

We’re empowering medical research for tough diseases. Which means the work you do every day matters.

Real solutions.

Your career at PicnicHealth is an investment in something bigger. After all, 3 of the 6 largest biotech companies count us as customers.

Great tech.

Real-world evidence is poised to change the face of medical research. Our award-winning machine learning helps us capture the best RWE.

Great people.

We trust each other to take ownership and stay curious. Our team is humble, helpful, and a group of people you’ll actually want to spend time with.

Our Hiring Process

Talk with us, learn about the company, and see how your skills can help.
Quick Evaluation
Show off your expertise with a coding interview or whiteboard challenge, portfolio review, etc.
Work Simulation
See what it’s like to work with our team for the day on a fun project.  It starts with a couple hours prepping at home.  One of the most unique and loved parts of our interview process.
We’ll agree on compensation and all the details of getting you up and running.

Our values (placeholders only--these are not real!)

1 tbd
Everything we do is in service of our mission to improve health with better, patient-centric data.
2 tbd
Ownership is a privilege and a responsibility. We trust each other to take initiative, make decisions, and drive impact.
3 tbd
The best way to achieve our mission is to build fast, be scrappy, and always be shipping. Effort matters. But results matter more.
4 tbd
We solve real problems, and we solve the right problems. We’re direct and transparent with each other about what’s working and what isn’t. We tell it like it is and stay honest with our customers.
5 tbd
The people on our team are obsessed—with their craft, their hobbies, data, and growth. Constantly improving, always seeking more.
6 tbd
We're a wholesome team, working together to do good and well. We trust and care for each other, always assuming good intent.
7 tbd
What we're doing is hard, and a little bit nuts. Humor helps. We accept all kinds of jokes, both good ones and pun ones.

Benefits and perks

Flexible PTO
Take time when you need it. (As long as you send pics when you travel somewhere cool.)
Comprehensive benefits
Health, dental, vision—we’ve got you and your dependents covered.
Progressive compensation
We’re tackling a $3.6 trillion industry. Reap the benefits of your work with equity upside.
Your PicnicHealth Timeline
We practice what we preach. Get a free PicnicHealth account and take control of your medical records.
Company picnics
It’s in the name. Enjoy outings with helpful colleagues who put you in a position to be successful.
Healthy snacks
Stay fully charged with office snacks to accommodate any diet. Enjoy team lunches with every candidate interview—which is often!