Join PicnicHealth

We're looking for our first engineering hires.

PicnicHeath is a startup working to fix the way that information is used in healthcare. We see — and have personally experienced — two major problems with the current system:

  • Patients don't have control over their own health information. So when a patient changes doctors, gets second opinions, or is referred to a specialist, there are aggravating and dangerous barriers to providers accessing the information they need.
  • Clinical data isn't effectively monitored to predict and prevent illness (or disease) nor effectively used to find better avenues to treatment.

We build a product for patients. We continuously collect all of our customers' medical records, digitize and normalize their information, and organize it into a timeline that makes it easy to manage their care.

Some of our challenges are operational and algorithmic, such as finding scalable ways to combine the efforts of people and computers to clean medical data from any source. Others are technical, such as building a complex web application that is widely accessible and very fast. Many are in product design, such as building interfaces that are approachable and understandable for patients while being efficient for doctors. In the immediate future, we need to continue developing the product to delight our current customers, and continue building out growth channels to get that product to more people.

We are committed to creating a cutting-edge technology company that where engineers love to work. Our engineers have high degrees of autonomy and own the products they work on. We want to build a fantastically strong engineering team and the first engineers who join us should help set that tone.


  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent knowledge
  • Being really, really, really ridiculously good looking talented in software engineering
  • Personal experience or exposure to the problems we’re addressing, or a conviction that now’s the time to bring the best technology can offer to patients
  • Number of years of professional experience you have isn't important

Bonus points:

  • Experience building out web applications
  • Experience with tools we currently use (Node.js, Backbone, React, PostgreSQL, AWS)
  • Experience with healthcare informatics or machine learning
  • Side projects (e.g., making games in high school or middle school)
  • Familiarity with functional programming languages (e.g., Erlang, Haskell, Clojure)

The ideal candidate should be able to work outside the technical realm: making good product decisions, being an effective marketer and recruiter, making interfaces that are both beautiful and usable, and generally being able to tackle anything that comes up. In the technical realm, you need to be fearless and broad, equally ready to wrangle with CSS as nginx conf files. Any given day, it’s just as likely that you’d build out a new user onboarding flow as create an internal microservice to classify lab data. In general, you’ll have to be very good at getting things done outside your comfort zone. You’ll have to make good decisions about important things without much oversight. You’ll need to be comfortable taking ownership of large swaths of product and infrastructure.

Our product makes a real difference in the lives of our patients, and we believe that it’s just the first step in changing the way that healthcare works. 10 years from now, patients will own their personal data and huge amount of that data will be used to improve healthcare. Someone is going to make this happen. We’re a young company, but we have all the pieces in place for that someone to be us. We went through YCombinator and are well funded — from an amazing group of investors. Our users love us — read some of their stories. If you're interested in building the future of healthcare with us, email [email protected].

We also have a coding challenge you can take if you want to jumpstart our talks. You can find the link in the page.