You can shape the future of breast cancer research

When you contribute your medical records to breast cancer research, you join thousands of other patients who have participated in research and empowered their communities through PicnicHealth.

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"PicnicHealth makes it possible for patients like you and I to have a voice in the medical research community. It means the world to me that I can participate in the advancement of care and knowledge for my condition.”

PicnicHealth Research Participant

"It’s important to me to bring awareness to the disease and do my part to help future patients. Sending records to researchers is just the start of what we can do!”

PicnicHealth Research Participant

“I participate in research to help generations after me not to go through the same pain.”

PicnicHealth Research Participant

Access your medical records anywhere, anytime

PicnicHealth’s platform connects you with a comprehensive timeline of your medical records, updated when you request new records. Best of all, qualified patients can join for free.

Help breast cancer research while earning rewards

When you complete surveys on the PicnicHealth platform you can earn rewards. Your surveys help researchers understand your daily experience and capture insights that may not be available in your medical records.

How PicnicHealth Works

We believe that better care happens when you have control over your records.

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Tell us about your care

Just answer a few questions about yourself and let us know who your doctors are. As soon as you finish signing up, we’ll start contacting your doctors and hospitals.

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We’ll start building your timeline

No calling, faxing, or paperwork for you! We’ll brave the hold music and contact every one of your doctors to make sure they’ve received and processed our request.

You're In Control

With your records consolidated in one place, you’ll be able to access them whenever you need them. Pull up your medical information anywhere you have internet access—and share it securely with your care team.

Earn rewards completing health surveys at home

When you join PicnicHealth, you may be invited to complete health and well-being surveys. These surveys help researchers understand your daily experience and capture insights that may not be available in your medical records.

You can complete surveys from your PicnicHealth account, you may also receive compensation for sharing your story.

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