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Take charge of your health with a complete picture of your medical care.

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Your records, all in one place

We collect your medical records and transform them into an organized, intuitive digital format. In just minutes, gain control and insight into your health history like never before.

Better care navigation

We’ll give you tools to understand your records and create a personalized summary for your appointments. When you have visibility into your history, things are less likely to get missed.

Yours to keep and control

You own your data. Period. Any records we collect are yours to keep forever.  It’s up to you whether you want to share with loved ones or doctors, or participate in research.

Access your medical records anywhere, anytime

PicnicHealth’s platform connects you with a comprehensive view of your medical records, updated regularly. Instantly access your records from thousands of hospitals and health systems.

Manage your health journey with us

We do more than just record-keeping - our platform provides intuitive tools and easy-to-read dashboards that empower you to track your health history and navigate your care effortlessly.

Participate in research

Every person’s medical history is unique. But collectively, our medical data becomes more powerful than the sum of its parts.

If you choose to join research, your records are anonymized and used to create a dataset that answers key questions about your condition. You might also be asked to fill out health surveys, providing a fuller picture of your daily life.

“Being able to have all of the notes from different doctors I see compiled in one place is incredibly helpful and convenient. In addition, I love that my health data us used to help develop new treatments... I feel good knowing that I am contributing to my community”
Patient with MG

How it works

We believe that better care happens when you have control over your records.

Getting started is
simple and secure

To get your PicnicHealth account set up, answer a few questions about yourself, let us know who your doctors are, and read through our privacy information.

Access your health history in minutes

Most people will see records populate within minutes of signing up. You don’t need to lift a finger and our team won’t stop until we’ve tracked down everything that matters.

You’re in control

With your records consolidated in one place, you’ll be able to access them whenever you need them. Pull up your medical information anywhere you have internet access—and share it securely with your care team.

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