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Becoming a Cancerlebrity

Grace Lombardo was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 at the age of 35. Her children were 7, 5 & 2 years old. She started a blog she called Grancer, Grace + Cancer = their celebrity name. The blog was intended to give updates to family and friends about her treatment. 

What started as simple information sharing among loved ones became something quite different as Grace’s special breed of ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ writing catapulted her readership into the hundreds of thousands. Next came brand collaborations with international companies like GHD, a billboard in Times Square and speaking engagements around the world from institutions such as Duke University to events in England and Australia. 

After active treatment, Grace’s life carried on as usual for a post-cancery person (which is not usual at all) until the end 2021 when she was diagnosed again with breast cancer on-top of the bi-lateral mastectomy and chemo she had in 2016. 

What followed were more surgeries, more (worse) chemo, radiation, a total hysterectomy and many, many total mental breakdowns. 

After continuing to write and gain readers, Grace started a TikTok @Grancer2016 that has been growing exponentially and realized it was time to have a central landing space for all things GRANCER. 

At some point in her cancer odyssey she started to refer to herself as a ‘Cancerlebrity’ and thus a brand was born. Grace believes that anyone who is cancery or is cancery adjacent deserves to be treated like a Cancerlebrity.

You can follow her journey on Instagram (@cancerlebrity) or visit her website 

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