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Jasper Jones


Lance Jasper Jones is a Los Angeles, California ASCAP music producer and songwriter member, alumni of Marymount California University, and a current Clinical Psychology graduate student at Grand Canyon University. Born with Sickle Cell Anemia, Lance understands the value of strong mental health as well as providing strong mental health services to those living with long-term and life-threatening chronic conditions.

Lance developed Jasper House Warriors as a means to help the causes of long term conditions on mental health. He was a leading voice in getting AB-1105 passed— the first-ever medical bill for Sickle Cell patients in California. It provided $15 million for comprehensive care for adults. He talked about what he and his peers have had to go through like discrimination in hospitals and fighting for medical care.

Lance joined PicnicHealth almost two and a half years ago, because “research is how we solve the ailments of humanity. It is important to participate in real-world data research for the opportunity to assess the similarities and differences of treatments across all populations in hope to provide accurate and effective universal methods. I joined PicnicHealth and Change Champions, because I believe in participating in the changes that will enhance and benefit the generations after me.”

We welcome you to connect with Lance and support all his incredible efforts at and @jasperhousewarriors.

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