Help accelerate change through real-world data research.

Change Champions are change agents in their communities and advocates for real-world data research and medical record access. Together, we can raise awareness about the conditions impacting you and your loved ones and accelerate research breakthroughs.

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"I joined Change Champions because I don't want anybody to ever feel the way that I felt. Being able to be supported to share my story and to be an advocate is just so meaningful to me.”

Cristie Field
Change Champion

What is a change champion?

Team Players

You know how to cultivate meaningful relationships ​and you ​value inclusivity on your platform and make space ​for all voices.

Community Leaders

You stay up to date with what is going on within ​your community, and can spot opportunities to ​bring PicnicHealth into the conversation.

Role Models

You are passionate about giving back to your ​community and impacting those around you in a ​positive way.

What you'll do as a change champion

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Impact your community

Educate your community on the power of ​real-world data research and how they can ​use PicnicHealth to own their health. You ​will also help us build future products and ​services by providing your valuable ​feedback.

Make Your Voice Heard

You know best what it is like living with ​your condition. We'll partner with you to ​raise awareness and educate others ​through blog posts, video interviews, ​webinar participation and other channels!

Spread The Word

Help us reach our goal of empowering all ​patients through medical records ​ownership and research breakthroughs.  ​Refer members of your community to ​PicnicHealth and receive swag along the ​way!


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