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No phone calls, no faxes, no navigating patient portals. PicnicHealth gathers your medical records—so you don’t have to.

“PicnicHealth gives me easy access to documentation from my doctors that I normally would have to call, ask for, and wait on. You have to be your own advocate and that starts with maintaining your own records.”
Patient with PNH

First, we gather your medical records

With instant, secure connections to thousands of healthcare institutions, we’re able to find most of your records in minutes - no need to remember your portal passwords or go through extra verification steps.

Then, we digitize and organize everything

Each doctor records information in their own way. For example, different offices often use different names for the same test. PicnicHealth organizes and consistently labels all the information in your records so you can see trends over time and easily find what you need when you need it.

And, you’re always in control

Easily share your medical records with healthcare providers, specialists, or family members. Collaborate effectively with your care team and ensure everyone is on the same page regarding your health.