We offer two ways to join

Contribute to research for free PicnicHealth access: Share your de-identified data for a PicnicHealth research study and you get access to your records for free. That’s a $767 value in your first year. PicnicHealth collaborates with some of the world’s leading researchers to power research on the toughest medical challenges. And any information you share is anonymized to maintain your privacy.

Purchase a subscription: If you're not interested in research or don't meet the criteria for one of our studies, you can also purchase a subscription for $299 up front, and $39 per month after that.

Collection of your medical records is guaranteed

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An easy-to-use  timeline of all your records

Doctor's notes, lab results, images, and everything else in your records



Individual nurse review and PicnicHealth accuracy guarantee

Proprietary record collection, digitization, organization, and encryption



Online access from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer

Shareable link for family and doctors via secure web portal

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Ultra-secure protocols and 256-bit SSL encryption

Ability to delete your records at any time

Own your records. Share your history.

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