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It’s easier than ever to support research that advances medicine. With PicnicHealth, you can contribute to research simply by volunteering to share your anonymized medical data. No extra appointments, prescriptions, or tests.

We make a bigger impact together.

Every person’s medical history is unique. But collectively, our medical data becomes more powerful than the sum of its parts. With a complete picture, researchers can identify trends and unlock insights that lead to medical breakthroughs. Which ultimately can make a difference for you, your loved ones, and future generations.

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We work with the world’s best researchers.

PicnicHealth selectively partners with researchers on specific diseases. By allowing these researchers to use anonymized records, PicnicHealth is able to provide study participants their medical record timeline for free.

Real-world evidence is the new frontier of medicine.

Medical research has brought many breakthroughs, but historically it ignored the vast majority of data in the world—the medical records of real people, like you, in their normal course of care. PicnicHealth set out to change that. By leveraging historical records, known as “real-world evidence,” we can contribute to finding better care for tomorrow. This real-world evidence can help us identify trends, supplement clinical trials, and understand effectiveness of new treatments.

Here's how it works for you:


Opt in if you’d like to contribute your data to research.

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We’ll anonymize your data so it is not identifiable.

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Researchers get datasets to help power breakthroughs.

PicnicHealth is supporting research in more than a dozen diseases.

See if you qualify for research programs (and a free account!) by clicking below and selecting your medical condition from the list.

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“As a patient myself, being able to shape the future of research is incredibly rewarding. I firmly believe we can better use technology to improve health outcomes.”
Gillian Hanson
Physician and Director of Data & Informatics at PicnicHealth
“I’m excited to contribute my medical history to your research team to better understand this challenging disease. Not only will your research improve others’ journeys, it allows me and my doctors complete visibility of my entire medical history in one electronic file.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant
“Dealing with sickle cell has been a lifelong rollercoaster. The thought of my voice being heard in the world of medicine is really what motivated me to join this study. Not only to advocate for myself but others and knowing the advocacy put forth will have both a powerful and positive impact.”
PicnicHealth Research Participant

Our Research Principles

We’re patients ourselves. Which is why we treat you as a partner—the way we want to be treated.

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