Virtual Clinic

We’re building a new model of care that puts you, the patient, at the center and in control. By delivering direct personalized care, we’ll help guide your healthcare journey.

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"In the web of providers and systems that patients must navigate, essential care sometimes falls through the cracks. We want to ensure that every patient receives robust, evidence-based care and to be a reliable resource in bridging any gaps."
Dan Drozd, MD MSc
Chief Medical Officer

Our providers are ready to support you

Think of us as your personal medical concierge. Our providers will work with you to understand your health journey, organize and reconcile all your medical records, and deliver personalized care to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

You'll have a clear, simple picture of your current health and care. Wherever there are gaps, we're there to help you fill them.

Personalized, guidelines-based care

With your complete records in hand, we go a step further and develop a care plan based on well-established guidelines. Using our technology, we scan through your records and identify any care gaps, like important screenings or preventative health measures.

Clinical support to close the loop

We’ll support you in tackling your care plan. We can coordinate with your existing doctors and also offer direct services through our virtual clinic including:

Lab test ordering
Referral management
Appointment scheduling
Medication reconciliation

We’re here to help

With our virtual clinic, you have medical expertise at your fingertips. You can schedule an appointment with us to review your care plan and discuss next steps.


Does this cost money? Do you charge my insurance?

There is no additional cost for most virtual care services and we do not charge your insurance. You must have a PicnicHealth account, which is free if you qualify for a research study, otherwise you can purchase a subscription for $299 up front, then $39 per month after that. If you choose to order testing through our virtual clinic, there may be cost associated, but we will make sure you have the opportunity to review and accept any potential charges associated with each service.

Does this replace preventative care from my primary care physician?

No, our virtual care services are intended to supplement but not replace your primary healthcare provider, and we are not able to treat urgent or emergent health care needs.