Run smarter studies with deeper data

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PicnicHealth has the ability to access all medical records in the US for consented study participants

Reduce time to the start of recruitment to as low as 4 weeks

PicnicStudies is an adaptive platform that captures complete patient journeys through smart and nimble study execution.

Through a direct-to-patient approach, PicnicStudies ensures that each patient’s past and future healthcare interactions and experiences are captured for the clinically-rich evidence you need.

These patient relationships, along with our scientific expertise and virtual and hybrid technologies, means no more data gaps, loss to follow up, and complex site contracts, resulting in more efficient studies.

Capture clinically-rich and regulatory-ready data

Structured and Unstructured EHR Data

Curated from an average of 10+ healthcare locations and 50+ clinical encounters per patient, retrospectively and prospectively.

Primary Data

Direct-to-patient platform for validated and custom patient reported outcomes that has a 70% survey response rate.

Data Linkages

Linkage to additional data modalities, including claims and images.

Conduct studies across the drug development lifecycle

Our Process

01 Patient Recruitment

Work with research partners to design studies around their goals, including determining data modalities, recruitment methods, and site involvement.

02 Recruitment & Enrollment

Recruit patients across the U.S. through 40+ partners. Patients sign up, are screened, and consent in a 5 minute onboarding process.

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03 Data Collection & Curation

Collect 5-7 years of retrospective data, and continue collecting prospective data across all sites independent of changes to providers, insurers, or health systems. Capture primary data through PROs and virtual site capabilities.

04 Analysis & Dissemination

Abstract clinically relevant data with robust quality management processes. Depending on partners’ needs, data is analyzed in preparation for submission for publication or for regulatory use.

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With more individuals surviving cancer, it is critical that the health care community is able to understand the full journey of a patient with cancer – from early signs that something is amiss, through diagnosis, treatment, and long-term survival.

Dan Drozd, MD
Chief Medical Officer, PicnicHealth

Through our partnership with PicnicHealth, we hope to better understand the full patient experience, address new research questions, and ultimately improve patient outcomes and the overall experience of people with cancer.

Carlos Doti, MD
Vice President, AstraZeneca