Flexible for your study needs

With end-to-end services, the PicnicStudies platform is a fit-for-purpose solution to generate the evidence you need.

Our Benefits

Accelerated study start

Reduce time to the start of recruitment to as fast as 4 weeks, with a central IRB and virtual site capabilities that minimize time-consuming start-up activities.

Long-term patient engagement

Increase patient retention to ~98% by providing complete health records to provide them with long-term value.

Lower site burden

Reduce burden on any sites you choose to open by eliminating manual data entry into an EDC and providing data-driven patient eligibility recommendations.

Greater flexibility to pivot studies

Evolve your study over time without starting new studies through ongoing access to source data from patients who have already consented to participate in research.

Our Capabilities

Find and engage patients beyond site boundaries

Customize your recruitment strategy to enroll patients without needing to activate sites. Find the right patients for your study by leveraging our 40+ partners, including:

Advocacy groups
HCP and KOL referrals
Digital marketing
Site networks
Patient referrals

Maximize every patient interaction across geography and time

Capture retrospective and prospective data for each patient across all locations of care – independent of providers, insurers, or health systems – with technology-enabled data provenance.

Primary and specialty care records
ER records

Provide virtual sites to ease patient engagement

Collect data from patients, their caregivers, or a provider while minimizing burden. Our virtual site capabilities can collect:

ePROs, validated or custom
Social Determinants of Health
Home-based phlebotomy and spit kits

Link to additional data modalities

Enhance the value of medical data by securely linking to other patient-level data sources using standard tokenization methods, including:

Additional lab data
Commercial claims data
Pharmacy data
Mortality data
DICOM images

Receive white-glove study support

Set your study up for success with our team of epidemiologists, data scientists, and project managers, who can provide support throughout your study’s lifecycle.

Protocol, ICF, and SAP development
Safety reporting
Patient and investigator payments
Regulatory support
Analytics support
Study management
Patient management
Project management

Find out how leading researchers are using PicnicHealth

Wondering what PicnicHealth can do for you? Here’s a few ways our partners partnered with us to support their evidence-generation needs.


Case Study

Case Study

Demonstrating treatment effectiveness to regulators

A mid-size biotechnology company to demonstrate the impact of a newly approved LC-FAOD treatment on major clinical events (MCEs) to regulators to expand their label.

With PicnicHealth, the biotech company could generate evidence that demonstrated that the new treatment effectively decreased the number of MCEs for label expansion.

Data collected:

Progression of symptoms and complications
Drug and therapy eras
Diet management via PRO

Case Study

Case Study

Demonstrating cost-benefit tradeoffs to payers

A top 20 biopharmaceutical company wanted to create a new therapeutic for PBC-associated pruritus, and needed 
to demonstrate an unmet need and determine the impact of the disease on quality of life for payers.

With PicnicHealth, the data package in payer dossier effectively demonstrated unmet need and disease impact on QoL to improve benefit classification.

Data Collected:

QoL measures
Drug eras with dosing and reasons
for discontinuation
Disease progression and staging
SDOH data